Regina Colangelo , Counseling & Therapy, Rye, New York

Pratice of Psychotherapy

Therapy is not just a conversation. It is a relationship.  Just as in any relationship, the most important element is trust.  No one likes to feel judged, especially at their most vulnerable moments.  I make it a priority to build a relationship in therapy by creating a safe, warm, supportive atmosphere where we work as partners to address the issues brought to the counseling room. I bring compassion, knowledge of human dynamics and relationships, and often humor to the conversation.  

I have worked with individuals, families and couples around relationship issues for many years. What has impressed me most is the resilience of the human spirit. Often people come to therapy feeling alone and discouraged about problems they have wrestled with for months or years. Therapy can provide the hope they cannot find on their own. Focusing on one's strengths and desire to change, I work side-by-side with people to transform and improve their relationships. Rye